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Policy Dialogues

A key role for UONGOZI Institute is to create a platform for dialogue that expands the understanding of leadership and raises awareness around vital issues for leaders working towards the sustainable development of Africa. Our policy dialogues are held nationally and regionally, varying from small, specialised round table discussions to large forums.

The dialogues are linked to national, regional and global development agendas, enabling leaders to identify interconnected issues that affect their organisation and country’s development. They cover issues relating to natural resource management, green growth, women’s leadership, peace and security, regional integration, business and trade, plus local content.

Our flagship events include the African Leadership Forum (ALF), Green Growth Platform (GGP), and Women’s Leadership Forum (WLF).

Discussions focus on international and national issues of sustainable development and leadership

All our events are ideal opportunities for professional networking and partnership building.

Policy forums and dialogues are by invitation only and free of charge for the invited leaders.

Fostering knowledge- and experience-sharing