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UONGOZI Institute graduates encouraged to be “life-long learners” 

UONGOZI Institute celebrated its seventh graduation ceremony on Friday 17 May 2024, honouring the achievements of 198 leaders from its long-term executive education programmes: Postgraduate Diploma in Leadership (PGD), Certificate in Leadership (CiL), and Women’s Leadership Programme (WLP).  The ceremony took place in Dar es Salaam with H.E. Dr. Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete, former President of […]

Vice President Mpango calls for greater commitment to sustain green parks in Tanzania

Tanzania is rapidly urbanising. The 2018 United Nations report on world urbanisation predicts that 49% of the country’s population will reside in cities by 2040. The pressures of urbanisation and increasing population often render urban green and blue infrastructure vulnerable. Globally, it has been shown that green spaces within cities, such as parks and other […]

Africa’s agri-business requires a multi-faceted approach to improve agricultural value chain 

The seventh African Leadership Forum (ALF), convened by H.E. Jakaya Kikwete, ALF Patron and fourth President of the United Republic of Tanzania; and H.E. Wamkele Mene, Secretary-General of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) Secretariat, was held in Accra, Ghana from 25 – 26 May 2023. The theme was “Promoting intra-Africa trade to unlock agricultural potential in Africa”. The […]

Announcing winners of Youth Leadership Competition 2023

In December 2022, we opened the doors again to young Africans to contribute to important discussions on leadership and sustainable development through Youth Leadership Competition. Our target remained: African citizens (including the diaspora) between the ages of 18 and 25. We asked them to respond to the following question:  If you were an African leader, how […]

5th Graduation Ceremony: A reminder that leadership development matters

On 13 May 2022, in collaboration with our executive education partner Aalto University Executive Education, we held the 5th Leadership Graduation Ceremony to celebrate those who had completed our long-term executive programmes: Postgraduate Diploma in Leadership and Certificate in Leadership. A total of 117 leaders graduated. Deputy Minister Deogratius Ndejebi, representing the Minister of State […]

Leveraging 4IR in Tanzania: Four key considerations

By Jambo Ramadhani On 17 December 2021, I participated in a virtual forum, organised by the Embassy of the United Republic of Tanzania in the United States of America (USA), UONGOZI Institute and Arizona State University. The theme was “Strengthening partnerships between Tanzania and USA to boost readiness for the fourth industrial revolution”. The discussions […]

Fostering strong ministerial leadership for sustainable growth in Tanzania

“When you leave your ministry, what do you hope your legacy will be?” This is a question that our CEO, Kadari Singo posed at the beginning of his The Function of Leadership presentation during an onboarding programme for the newly appointed Ministers and Deputy Ministers of the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania in Dodoma, […]

Do personality traits impact our ways of managing time?

By Suzana Aroko Time management is one of the most essential skills for leaders. Yet, not every leader has mastered it. Understandably, leaders have a million things vying for their attention and time, which could lead to feelings of being overwhelmed or frustrated. In his “Focus: The Hidden Driver of Excellence”, Daniel Goleman, who is considered […]

Supporting newly appointed RCs and RASs effectively integrate into their roles

Every newly appointed (or elected) leader has the eyes of those whom they are to lead upon them. On the leader’s side, this ‘all eyes on you’ can be overwhelming; it inherently represents expectations and accountabilities associated with the role. What is the best approach to meet that challenge? A leader may have some relevant […]

Blue economy: A vehicle for sustainable development in Zanzibar

The ocean is the largest ecosystem on Earth, covering more than two-thirds of its surface. It is vital for all life on the planet, including humans: from being an important source of oxygen and food to regulating the climate, housing an incredible biodiversity and creating millions of jobs. A healthy, resilient ocean means a healthy […]