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5th Graduation Ceremony: A reminder that leadership development matters


On 13 May 2022, in collaboration with our executive education partner Aalto University Executive Education, we held the 5th Leadership Graduation Ceremony to celebrate those who had completed our long-term executive programmes: Postgraduate Diploma in Leadership and Certificate in Leadership. A total of 117 leaders graduated.

Deputy Minister Deogratius Ndejebi, representing the Minister of State – President’s Office (Public Service Management and Good Governance), officiated the ceremony. Ambassador Ombeni Sefue, former Chief Secretary of the United Republic of Tanzania and Chairperson of UONGOZI Institute’s Board of Directors, delivered the keynote address.

In his remarks, Amb. Sefue also touched on why leaders need to make a lifelong commitment to learn and use their learning. He said:

A few leaders may have an inherent, naturally endowed capacity to bring the best out of subordinates. But, believe me, these would be a small minority, maybe not more than 10%. The majority would need to learn and relearn how to do this.

PGD and CiL are designed for leaders who want to propel their professional development without putting their careers on hold. They motivate participants to become reflective leaders who can embrace agility for more sustainable results. They offer tools and techniques for leaders to understand their personal traits and how they impact their leadership styles and organisational performance.

PGD is a year-long programme with a total of 10 modules. Each module runs for one month, consisting of 2-3 days in-class workshops as well as individual and group assignments. CiL is an e-learning programme, with 3 modules running for a period of six months. How can one apply for either of these programmes? For the former, applications for 2022 are closed and announcement for next year’s is expected in November 2022. For the latter, applications for 2022 will be launched in June. To learn more, visit