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Short-term Programmes

Every organisation, department or team has its own unique leadership and development needs. There is no size fits all solution. UONGOZI Institute is uniquely positioned to design tailored leadership and organisational development programmes. This process begins with a training needs assessment (TNA) to identify performance improvement requirements and to then offer specific solutions.

The partnership begins with our Executive Education team opening a dialogue with the client team and interviews with key stakeholders are conducted. A programme is then designed to match identified needs and this will be customised to align with the client’s broader leadership and organisational development and goals.


Starting period varies from client to client


2-14 days


Varies from programme to programme


Organisations (groups)

Our TNA process

Understand our client

Map out the solution

Customise the content

Deliver the programme


Why select these programmes?

A tailored delivery approach includes engaging teaching techniques, stimulating discussions, practical insights, and real-world case studies. Our faculty consists of respected experts in leadership and organisational development from around the globe. They offer both broad knowledge and practical experience to help teams and leaders foster sustainable growth in their organisations. Popular courses include:

Data-driven leadership

Data-Driven Leadership

Duration: 5 Days
In the ‘Age of Analytics’, the ability to transform data into actionable insights to inform decisions and create sustainable solutions is a valuable asset. This programme seeks to leverage data analytics for better decision-making and strategic planning in higher learning institutions and donor-funded projects.

Leading with Emotional Intelligence

Duration: 2 Days
In leadership circles, the concept of emotional intelligence (EQ) is already coming to be seen as an essential leadership attribute. This course introduces leaders to tools and techniques to help them master the emotional realm, including their own and others’ emotions.

The Art and Practice of Leadership

Duration: 2 Days
In today’s complex world, leaders are judged on their ability to identify, cultivate and exploit the core competencies that make growth and resilience possible. This course is centred on core competencies to help leaders successfully adapt to new and unforeseen realities.

Previous participants spotlight

Julieth Magambo

Assistant Commissioner for National Planning (M&E)
Ministry of Finance and Planning
“I lead a team comprised mainly of Gen Zers, I must be conscious of their needs and talents – and create an environment in which they can thrive. It is fascinating how this programme enables us to understand where we are on the empathy scale, and appreciate the role of empathy in improving employee productivity and retentio.”

Albert Philipo

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and East African Cooperation
“The Analytical Skills programme by UONGOZI Institute fosters participation; you learn, make mistakes, and improve. It encourages us to become better communicators, critical thinkers, researchers, problem solvers, and innovators.”

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