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The Women’s Leadership Forum (WLF) is part of our Women’s Leadership programme – dedicated to helping women advance into leadership roles. It brings together Tanzanian senior and emerging leaders to exchange ideas and share best practices to promote women’s inclusion in leadership roles. It offers a unique learning space for emerging women leaders to explore how senior women leaders overcome barriers in their organisations and sectors.

The forum features presentations, panel discussions and insights from the latest research on women in leadership.

In 2019, we conducted a baseline study on the status of women in leadership positions in Tanzania, focusing on the public sector. The study suggested that proportion of women in leadership positions was three times lower than that of men. This forum contributes to the Women’s Leadership programme, aiming to have greater female representation at all levels of leadership in the public sector and beyond.


The WLF is curated by UONGOZI Institute.



Women’s Leadership Forum 2022

This report provides edited highlights of the proceedings of the Inaugural Women’s Leadership Forum (WLF) in June 2022 and the Second WLF in December 2022.

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